Call for Western Countries to empower Ukraine to destroy Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has intensified.

According to @JayinKyiv: “Putin’s threats to fire on international grain shipments from Odesa should be the greelight the West needs to give Ukraine the capability to quickly destroy Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.”

This comes as reports emerges that the UN was planning to press Ukraine to allow Ru fertilizers export through Odesa. “And that is fucking ammonia running through a vain in the active war zone. Imagine. But they were sure it is fine.”

“Meanwhile what we are told now is basically: if you don’t want African countries collapse into hunger, do nothing, when Russia bombs and kills you from the sea. Previously we were also not allowed to respond to Russia, by attacking targets on Ru territory.” @NikaMelkozerova posted.

“Just want you all to know that while people of the West support us, government’s partnership and help is very far from roses and sweets. Always a condition that includes losing lives and letting Russia to keep destruction.” She added.

She explains that it was also funny to hear how a very high UN official thought of Black Sea Grain Initiative as super successful. While i. Fact only 9 million tons were exported. Instead of average 60 mln. Another lesson I got here: I would never be a politician. They have different minds.

“Another important lesson. Always listen carefully to the question of EU propagandists. Cause they are preparing a soil. Most of the time.” She concluded.