We’re counting on you for victory – Zeleznky to US.


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The president of Ukraine Zelesnky has said that they are counting on the United States Of America for victory.

While congratulating the @GOPLeader on his election as the Speaker of America House of Representatives he noted that U.S. support in all fields has been vital for Ukraine’s success on the battlefield against Russia.

He further commented on US support saying they are counting on its continued support and further assistance to bring their common victory closer.

“Congratulations to @GOPLeader on his election as the Speaker of 🇺🇸 House of Representatives. U.S. support in all fields has been vital for 🇺🇦’s success on the battlefield. We’re counting on your continued support and further U.S. assistance to bring our common victory closer.” Zeleznky said in a Twitter post.

The remarks comes one day after he welcomed US defense aid package.

US supplieed Ukraine with a completely new weaponry, incl Bradley vehicles, anti-aircraft missiles.

“It’ll strengthen Ukraine Army on a battlefield. Awesome Christmas present for Ukraine! Together with US people we’re approaching a common victory!” Zelensky detailed.