Ugandan Gen Muhoozi fresh demand to capture Kenya’s city, warn’s father.


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what you need to know:

  • Ugandan Gen Muhoozi fresh demand to capture Kenya’s city, warn’s father.

The Ugandan General Muhoozi Kaunerugaba has made fresh demand to capture Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi.

Through his Twitter post, Muhoozi detailed that he will capture Nairobi and that anyone who stops him will be his soup served at dinner.

Muhoozi dared his father, President Kaguta Museven to fire him.

“I will capture Nairobi for sure! That’s my hometown. If ANY Kenyan tries to prevent me. He’ll be soup! We will drink him for dinner. My father can sack me again if he wants.”

Muhoozi notes that no one will ever defeat Uganda as long as he is alive.

“I accept my role as Uganda’s Moshe Dayan. No body will ever defeat my country as long as I am alive.”

He promised to visit the late Jomo Kenyatta’s grave hoping that Kenyan security won’t arrest him.

“I am coming to visit the grave of my grand father, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. I hope the Kenyan security will allow me in the country and not arrest me.”

“Some Kenyans fear us because they know our military is greater than theirs. Our Army can capture Nairobi in 1 week!.”

Muhoozi told Kenyans to apologise for the beating he received in 1980s.

“Kenyans need to apologise to me for all the beatings, as a young boy, that I got because I was Museveni’s son in the early 1980s.”

“Kenyans pretend to be my father’s best friends today. Why were they beating me, 40 years ago, his son, when we were in exile?” he added.

He promised to become Ugandan President after his father.

“I will be President of this country after my father. Those fighting the project are lost. MK Movement will win!!!.”