Two bodaboda dies on spot after a lorry veered off the road.


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What you need to know:

  • Two bodaboda dies on spot after a lorry veered off the road.

Two bodaboda riders have this morning lost their live along Kisii-Sotik Highway.

The two have been identified as Mr Omwenga and his friend.

Eyewitness says a lorry carrying cooking oil veered off the road & knocked them leaving them dead on spot.

“This is a very narrow road and we have complained before. @KeNHAKenya.” said Abuka Makori, a social media enthusiast.

There death toll along the highway in the last two months has hit 15. “Mostly, the victims are bodaboda riders and pillion passengers.” he added.

He detailed that the stretch from Gianchere, Birongo, Nyankoba, Amabuko and Metamaywa is very dangerous. “Few bumps and a narrow road.”

“I have witnessed people die carelessly at Keroka, Metamaywa, Nyankoba, Birongo and now Amabuko.”

Last month when Kisii Classic rammed into someone’s house, Makori says, they requested that KeNHW consider bumps and signs along the Kisii-Sotik Highway. “Nothing has been done.”

The road also needs a major rehabilitation, Major says adding that, it should be a dual carriage from Kisii town to Kaplong or Kericho.

“This is one of the oldest neglected highway in Kenya yet it is used by thousands of motorists.”

Makori asked President William Ruto to make it a priority.

“We are tired. We will not continue burying our loved ones over carelessness from the part of government.”

“This road is worse than the rectified Salgaa and Sachangwan stretch along Nakuru-Eldoret highway. Help our people, we are NOT animals.” He added.