TSC CEO Nancy Macharia’s full statement during 2022 KCSE release.


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what you need to know:

  • TSC CEO Nancy Macharia’s full statement during 2022 KCSE release.

The TSC CEO Dr Nancy Macharia started by stating that she is happy to address the congregation during the important event of the release of the KCSE results for the 2022 cohort of candidates.

Nancy thanked the examiners for their dedication and hard work which has made us to release the KCSE results on time.

She detailed thay ahead of the marking exercise, the Commission had identified and vetted over 40,000 teachers

Nancy urged teachers to always be ready to serve the country and put their professionalism first when they are called upon for the marking exercise.

As teachers, she detailed, it is a mark of honour and respect to be identified and recommended for the examining exercise.

“We should therefore shun any attempts to put our interests before the thousands of candidates whose future we determine through the marking exercise.” Said Nancy.

Nancy detailed that the reforms in the deployment of teachers during the coVID-19 period, the TSC made a deliberate decision to not cause disruptions in schools by imposing a moratorium on making transfers affecting many transfers of teachers.

“Since we have now lifted the ban, we have carried out a careful exercise of effecting 14,733 transfers which will become effective this term.”

“On behalf of the Commission, I can assure the country that these transfers will not negatively affect the normal delivery of teaching and learning programmes.”

In the meantime, Nancy noted that the TSC will provide guidelines on the teaching and administration of the Junior Secondary School level.

Recruitment of 30,000 teachers

She reminded teachers that they are currently recruiting 30,000 teachers.
Interviews for those shortlisted are set to be concluded today paving the way for the posting of successful teachers.

“It is our intention to have the new recruits join the payroll on January 30th, the same day when the Junior Secondary School learners will report to their respective schools.”

She thanked all the stakeholders who have worked round the clock to ensure they professionally conduct the interviews in the biggest teacher recruitment since the late 1990s.

“I assure the country that this process has been conducted independentiy and professionally while complying with the Values and Principles of the Constitution.”

Training of 90,000 teachers this term

All the teachers who will be recruited in the ongoing exercise will be put on a retooling

regime that will ensure they adequately to attend to our Junior Secondary School learners.

Already, TSC trained 2,376 master trainers ahead of the retooling exercise of all the new teachers and others currently teaching in secondary schools.

“We target to train 90,000 teachers between now and April 2023.”

Teachers Medical Health Scheme

She informed teachers that they have enhanced their benefits under the medical insurance scheme and made it better for our teachers.

“I encourage the teachers to take time to familiarise themselves with all the enhanced features of the scheme to ensure they, and their families, make full use of it whenever they need medical services.


“I now wish all our teachers and learners a successful new academic calendar starting on Monday. I also wish the 2022 KCSE candidates a successful academic journey as they receive their results today. God bless you and thank you very much.” she said.