Stop your sword against Kalonzo – Kibwana told.


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What you need to know:

  • Stop your sword against Kalonzo – Kibwana told.

The Kenyan abroad based professor has asked the former Makueni Gov Kivutha Kibwana to stop accusing the Wiper boss Kalonzo Musyoka.

In a statemen, Mutua told Kibwana to “sheathe his sword against Kaonzo.”

Mutua said Kalonzo is a good salesman and Kamba have no alternative.

“I urge my one-time teacher @ProfKibwana to SHEATHE his sword against @skmusyoka. If large swaths of Akamba follow SKM, it’s either because they like him, he’s a good salesman, they’ve no alternative, or they’ve chosen ethnic politics. But the Akamba are exercising free agency.”

Kalonzo head earlier statement that he has lived through three stolen election and he pray that 2027 he comes out prison.

However, Kivutha took it upon himself to accuse Kalonzo prompting Makau Mutua to react.

“Which prison @skmusyoka ? I pray daily so that you may release the Kamba Nation from the real PRISON of drought, perennial famines, poverty and underdevelopment. I too pray that the Kamba may know you have confined them behind bars from Yatta & Tseikuru.”

In his comment, Kivutha reminded Kalonzo that since 1985 (after Manandu’s death)when he was elected MP, & 2000 when at KITAINGO some traditional medicine men crowned him ethnic kingpin in waiting.

“your national politics have always been jinxed. You need to prayerfully reverse Kitaingo so that God of heaven can redeem you.” Kivutha said.

“You are preparing for your END GAME of a 2027 presidential bid ( knowing you will fail) in which your community gives you elected governors/MPs/Senators/ MCAs so that you end up with a retirement political investment. I pray too this time around the Kamba will not be gullible.” He added.