Roberry ‘Detective’ arrested after raiding Ruiru apartment


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Two suspects disguised as detectives were arrested last night after breaking into an apartment in Kihunguro in Ruiru, Kiambu district; police says.

The two broke into Eli Shepard’s house around 1:00 am. Disguised as detectives from the Pangani Police Department before the residents became suspicious of the two men and raised the alarm, attracting officers from Ruiru Police Department to the scene to restore order.

Ruiru police’s quick response surprised the thieves, one of them tried to fly off the third floor of the apartment building and fell to the floor of the apartment with a loud bang, severely injuring his head.

A few minutes after the towns people made an important call, the deafening roar of an all-terrain police car was heard from a kilometer away.

The roar of the newfound beast, combined with the high beam of the headlights, according to police, seemed to frighten the bandits, who could not find a way out.

As the police car makes its final turn towards the door of the apartment, two recently graduated Kiganjo officers hang behind it, their rifles carefully crossed across their chests, one of the thugs pulled a trick that backfires terribly where he fell to the ground and severely injured his heads.

Unable to handle the dark-skinned, skinny, mean-spirited, athletic freshmen, the accomplices gave up almost immediately after surrendering his fake weapons and fake assignments.

After the bandits were apprehended, the corporal sats back in the passenger seat, remarks on the good work of his officers, and radios the police about the successful capture of the duo.

The seriously wounded suspect was taken to Ruiru Level 4 hospital for treatment, while his accomplice Robert Gitonga was a state guest at the Ruiru Police Department.