Robbers drill hole in phone shop, escaped with over Ksh700,000 good.


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Police on the lookout for Robbers who drilled hole in phone shop, in Kitengela and escape with goods worth Sh700,000

The incident, filmed by surveillance cameras, occurred on the night of January 12.

Last Thursday at around 4:00 pm, two men booked two rooms in an apartment next to a phone shop, and it took at least eight hours to drill a hole in one room.

The incident was reported to the Kitengela police on January 22, 2023 under OB number.

No suspects were arrested in connection with the theft. Search has been intensified in Kitengel.

The first suspect crawled into the hole, turned off one of the security cameras, and signaled for an accomplice to follow him.

The store owner details to media personnel that crime was a well calculated one.

Store employee Risper Kavira detailed to the Nation publication that on Friday morning he found the store cluttered and the shelves empty.

Lodge manager Cornelius Nzioka, 51, said the two suspects contacted the receptionist on duty, Thursday evening to reserve two rooms.

He added that the identity that the suspect presented to the secretary turned out to be fake.

The cell phone number they gave didn’t work.

Isinya Regional Police Commissioner Ancent Kalokki said the police are investigating the case and urged all victims to file a formal complaint with the police department.