Pres Ruto in hot soups with Mp over GMOs legalisation.


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The Homabay township Mp Hon Petter Kaluma has hit out at president William Samoe Ruto over GMOs legalisation.

Ruto had earlier said his Gov’t lifted ban on GMOs because it has no side effects on human being.

However, the Homabay Mp took to Twitter to hit out at the first in command.

Here is his statement: “The GMO debate is beyond “matiti” your excellency.
We’re in the tropics with maximum rainfall and arable soil. We can produce enough natural food for our people and for sale, with necessary government support.
Let’s empower our people, not foreign businessmen.”

“Let’s not go for denatured GMO foodstuffs produced by scientists in countries not favored by good weather.
Genetically Modified Organism risks denaturing the cells of those who consume them exposing them to abnormal cell multiplication/cancer and other diseases.

The countries which use GMOs have developed health systems for treatment of cancer and other diseases unlike Kenya.
In Kenya, Cancer is near certain death!” He added.

Ruto defended genetically modified foods, saying Kenyans have already been consuming GMOs and they are safe for human consumption.