No school fees for days secondary schools – CS Ezekiel Machogu says.


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CS Ezekiel Machogu says no change for 2023 school fees.

Speaking while releasing the 2023 form one selection placement, Education CS Ezekiel Machogu says parents in days secondary schools shouldn’t be charged anything because the government is catering for their needs.

Schools without dormitories should not charge tuition fees for seventh-graders, CS Machogu said, adding that the government had allocated 9.6 billion KSh.

The Machogu has forbidden heads from charge an entrance fee in the 7th grade.

There are no additional costs for parents whose children go to days school, as all school fees are catered for by the state, with the exception of the new uniform.

CS Education said high school fees in 2023 are capped at 53,554 shillings for national schools and 40,555 shillings for county schools.

Education Minister Ezekiel Machogu also told the media on Monday that seventh-grade students transitioning to middle school (JSS) must wear a different color or type of school uniform to distinguish them from elementary school students.

“There’s need to distinguish the JSS, as a result a decision’s been made that parents and management agree on the new uniforms for JSS learners. Because it is secondary, the uniform will not be the same,” CS Ezekiel Machogu says told the press.

In other words, high school students (JSS) will stay at their current schools, but wearing a school uniform that distinguishes them from elementary school students.

Machogu added that the principals of each school, will design a new high school uniform after consultation with parents and other stakeholders.

“Parents will have to bear responsibility of buying uniform for their children,” Education CS stated.

The Ministry of Education also assured students that the Teacher Services Commission (TSC) will hire more teachers, and that there would be enough teachers to in JSS.

A number of qualified primary school teachers will be teaching JSS and have been trained to do so.