No money, political name, fresh from campus: how Mp made it to parliament at age 24.


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The Saboti Mp Kalebu Hamisi has recalled how he entered politics at age 24.

He note that he dared to dream and disturb the stubborn status quo.

However, he accepted that he was dimid on wether what he was doing was possible.

Hamisi recalled that he was fresh from campus with no Godfather, family name, money family name or political name to clinch on as he swung in to unknown mission.

He advised his fans to stand up and believe in themselves.

“At 24 yrs old,I dared to dream. I dared to disturb the stubborn status quo .Not knowing wether what am doing is even possible,no Godfather,no family name,no political name,no money ,fresh from campus.Stand up on what you believe in #ruto, #railaodinga #DreamsComeTrue #kijana.” He said.