New details: Ruto got 5.9M votes, Odinga 8.2M.


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what you you need to know:

  • President Ruto got 5.9M votes, Odinga 8.2M.

Jeremia Kioni says President William Samoe Ruto didn’t win poll in 2022 August presidential race.

Speaking on citizen TV, Kioni noted that they have seen that 59% of the constituencies cannot be verified with absolute certainty.

“What can be verified is, Raila Odinga won the elections with 8,170,355 votes representing 57.53% of the vote’s casts.” Said Kioni.

Kioni details that Dr Ruto got 5,915,973 votes, translated to 41.66% of vote cast.

Kioni told citizen TV that a casual peruse of the document they have seen that at one point 144 constituencies had their results verified and often at times, those results are far from the results that were announced by IEBC.

Most of the manipulation that was done, Kioni details, happened within the Mt. Kenya region.

The research was reportedly done by a non-profit organization that partners with pro-democracy leaders across Africa.