Mutua to LGBTQ activist killers: Must face full weight of criminal law & rot in hell.


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The Kenyan abroad based professor and Azimio La Umoja spokesperson prof Makau Mutua has called for justice to the murder of LGBQ activist Edwin Chiloba.

In a statement on his Twitter post Saturday morning, Professor Mutua described the killing of Edwin as brutal and that the perpetrators must face the full wrath of the law.

“Those who brutally murdered Kenyan fashion designer and LGBTQIA+ advocate Edwin Kiprotich Kitoo Chiloba must face the full weight of criminal law — and then rot in hell.” He said in a statement.

Police in found the body of a top LGBTQ activist and fashion designer inside a metal box.

Rights groups say Edwin Chiloba was killed for being gay in Kenya, where same-sex relations are illegal under colonial-law.

53% of LGBTQ Kenyans have been assaulted, one group says.