Missing teacher found tied to coffin at home, A bouquet of flowers, black fag & cow horn near him.


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On December 22, 2022, the 44-year Old teacher was reported missing.

It was found on Thursday, nailed to a coffin at his home in Ihururu village, Nyeri County.

Joseph Gatogo’s body was found in his living room after a stench began to come from his apartment, and property manager William Gitau called the local police, who ransacked the deceased’s home shortly thereafter.

They found the naked body of high school computer science teacher Muhoya Secondary School, nailed to a coffin placed in a boat-shaped structure that served as a make-shift headstone.

Bouquets of flowers, black flags, scrolls with strange inscriptions, and cow horns lie next to the pear-shaped structure.

Drugs believed to be poisonous were also found at the scene of the incident.

On the day he left, Muhoya’s Assistant Chief, Martha Wanjiru, said that Gatogo had just returned from supervision of KCSE exams.

According to Wanjiru, no one had seen him since.

Neighbors found out about Katogo’s disappearance only when relatives arrived at the boarding house last Saturday.

They then file a missing persons report.

Gitau, caretaker, said he last saw the deceased on December 19, 2022, describing him as almost a loner.

“The police searched the house and found the naked body of the teacher in a three-foot coffin in the living room.” He said.

Nyeri County Police Chief Steve Oloo said the investigation into the unusual incident is ongoing.