Militants attacks ex-Governor convoy, killing four policemen.


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Nigeria: On Monday, January 2, 2023, several officers of former governor Imo Ikedi Ohakim were killed when gunmen attacked the former governor’s convoy.

The incident is believed to have taken place as the former governor of Orieagu was returning home to the Ehime Mbano region.

According to Daily Trust eyewitness accounts, when the gunmen failed to apprehend Ohakim, they attacked a reserve vehicle carrying officers, and four officers were reportedly killed in the fire.

The former governor, who is said to have been with his two children at the time of the militant attack, called for reinforcements, who were reportedly sent to Owerri shortly after the militants fled.

A source who spoke to the Punch said the gunmen were disappointed that they did not arrest the former governor, whom they considered their main target.

His Majesty was the main target, but the driver was smart enough to beat them up as they drove to stop him.

Frustrated that the main target had gone, they intercepted his backup car and set it on fire.

“The four police officers and those who were with he were burned alive,” said the source.