Man make a damn confession after visiting girlfriend in Nairobi unannounced.


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A man, only identified by his social media name as Gedeon Bansel has made a damn confession after travelling to Nairobi to meet his girlfriend unannounced.

In a statement, the man details that after reaching Nairobi, he found his girlfriend with another man who drives a Benz.
The man says he didn’t have money to go back to Nakuru, so his girlfriend and the guy they were with drove him back after buying him food on the way.

“Itraveled from Nakuru to Nairobi to see my lady unannounced. I found her with another guy who drives a Benz. I didn’t have money to go back to Nakuru, so they drove me back. That car is something else. The guy is cool plus he bought me some food on the way.” Gedeon Bansel confessed.