Political analyst and scientists professor Mutai Ngunyi has told Kenyans to “Leave Kalenjins ALONE.”

In a statement on his Twitter post, Ngunyi details that “this is now THIER Government”.

He sarcastically added “And in the AFFAIRS of government, LOYALTY is superior to COMPETENCE.”

Ngunyi told Kenyans that Ruto is rewarding his loyalists which is admirable in a leader.

“Like it or NOT, Ruto has REWARDED loyalty. And this is ADMIRABLE in a leader. My BEST wishes to the Principal Secretaries. NOTE: There will be NO corruption.” He said.

President Ruto’s PSs nominations has drawn criticism from Kenyans who feels that Ruto has rewarded his tribesmen at an expense of other communities.

Democratic Action Party Of Kenya posted: “From the Principal Secretaries list, Freedom of tribalism has finally arrived. Sufferers tighten up for the journey ahead.”

“Since independence, Kenya has been ruled by two tribes Kalenjins & Kikuyus while the rest have been left to beg na salivate. This has led to imbalanced development,representation & nepotism. It was hoped that the 2010 constitution will bring change, unfortunately not. Tribalism”. It added.

“Ruto presents Presidential Executive Order on Principal Secretaries Nomination with no single luo in his cabinet. This is very wrong and vague and should be punished. Tribalism and depotism should stop with immediate effect.” Charity Wairim tweeted.