leaked: Martha Maria’s Message to IEBC.


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The Azimio La Umoja running mate Martha Karua has sent a message to the Independent Electrical and Boundaries Commission ahead of Monday Kamukunji rallying.

Martha expresses her optimism that the truth shall not be forgotten, shall not and cannot be be buried, the truth will always OUT !

She says that the time is now adding that as citizens we have a right to information, the truth lies in the servers and those doubting the whistle blowers data should demand servers be laid bare.

“we have to get to the bottom of this to free kenya once and for all from electoral deceit.” Said Martha.

“IEBC as the duty bearer holds the records on our behalf.”

According to Karua, the IEBC records belong to Kenyans and ALL power is exercised by each and every office on behalf Kenyans.

“wherever you are, whoever you ARE listen and do what the constitution sanctions , lay bare the servers !The Supreme Court is functus official , it’s work is done.”

“Under discussion is crucial evidence via a whistle blower, which on the face of it is authentic, anybody doubting we have our records to refer to aka SERVERS period.”