A woman, only identified as Mary Njoroge as taken to social media to narrate her encounter with Luo husband.

The young woman, a social media enthusiasts says her friend got married to a Luo man.

She details that the “husband” chats with his four Luo girlfriends in a Luo language and the ther wife doesn’t understand the language.

The woman reportedly got an interpreter and the “Luo husband” is promising to marry the four Luo girls.

“Haha my friend who is a kikuyu is married by a Luo, the guy chats with his Luo language in whatsapp with Luo girls and the lady don’t understand, we got an interpretor and the guy is promising more than 4 Luo girls that he will be marrying them🤣🤣olewa kwenu please😅” she posted.