Kenyans Worried DNA test kits will break more homes: “Especially in Kirinyaga.


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“When these Home DNA test kits arrive in Central Kenya especially in Kirinyaga, it will be messy with a lot of casualties.” on of the social media enthusiast, Omwamba, wrote on Twitter.

Omwamba warned men and women saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s gonna be messy with a lot of casualties. Home DNA test kit is finally Here. Anway, Tusitishwe!.”

The Home DNA Test Kit, media reports says they are currently available in pharmacy/supermarket shelves at a cost of KShs 750/- to 800/- is just the sample collection kit (swab).

In a report seen by the Nairobi Independent, for the actual DNA test the sample collected has to be mailed/shipped to the lab where lab testing fee is minimum KShs 15,000/.

However, Dr Ahamed Kalebi, a pathologist by profession say it is unfortunate that there seems to be a lot of misinformation/ disinformation going round perpetuated by social media comments, even in mainstream media and by political leaders suggesting that the DNA test only costs KShs 800.

“That is NOT TRUE! The test costs more than KShs 16,000/-” he added.