Kalonzo told he “Must Leave Azimio La Umoja Now”


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Kalonzo told he “Must Leave Azimio La Umoja Now”
Kalonzo told he “Must Leave Azimio La Umoja Now”

Former Makueni Governor has told the Whiper boss Kalonzo Musyoka to leave the Azimio la Umoja one Kenya with immediate effect.

In a statement, the former boss detailed that “Kalonzo MUST leave Azimio la Umoja, NOW!…” adding that the region “will no longer entertain selfish politicians who only lobby for self and family… “

Kibwana further detailed, in a Twitter post that he heard Kalonzo was to make a grand statement. Since 2004 when he became regional kingship, he has, like Chief Kasina of colonial times, used his position to largely lobby for self, family & a few friends.

“SKM’s Damascus moment would involve him suspending AZIMIO membership.” He said.

“After that he would then consult his community on new political move. Baba is not about to retire. His troops will dig in. Even if he was to say SKM tosha, would Baba’s voters embrace Kalonzo? Minus careful planning, Kambas will only be liberated upon SKM’s political departure.” He added.

His remarks comes hours after details in news outlets revealed that Raila Odinga will make his political statement on January 2023.