JUST IN: The Following Primary Teachers to be deployed junior secondary school.


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All Primary school teachers with degrees and Diploma secondary option to be deployed to junior secondary in addition to fresh graduates who will be sent to primary schools. Primary school graduates with C plain are also likely to be considered for junior secondary because of their vast experience in CBC.

Primary school teachers who were recently deployed to secondary and willing to come back will also be allowed to come and teach junior secondary.

P1 teachers who went back to colleges for upgrading will be given the first priority in recruitment of Primary school teachers.

Out of the 30k teachers to be employed, majority will be secondary school teachers because of the bigger deficit in secondary and also in order to take care of junior secondary.

Junior secondary to be under the management of the very Primary school headteachers until further notice. We will however have a senior teacher who will be the director of studies in Junior secondary (Must be a teacher in junior sec)

Training of more teachers on CBC especially for junior secondary will be done on January.

The uniform of Junior secondary students to be distinct and different from their friends in Primary school

Comprehensive report of the Presidential working party to be made public on January 2023.