Just in: Ruto’s main enemy revealed


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The Kenyan political scientist Professor Mutahi Ngunyi has revealed President William Samoe Ruto’s main enemy as he strive to fulfil his campaign pledges to Kenyans.

Ngunyi, who describes himself as unapologetically Afro-centric says Ruto’s enemy will be the people of Kenya.

Ngunyi deta that Ruto’s economic models are bold but not popular and that economic need bold decisions.

He note that politics is driven by popular choice and failure to balance the two will lead to revolts.

Ngunyi, hints that Ruto created enemies when he removed subsidies.

“The ENEMY of William Ruto will be the PEOPLE. His economic models are BOLD. Not POPULAR. Economics is about BOLD decision. Politics is DRIVEN by popular CHOICES. Failure to BALANCE the TWO will lead to REVOLT. The masses are IRRATIONAL. You remove SUBSIDIES, you create ENEMIES.” He said.