In Nairobi, 2 thugs neutralised in gun gunfire with city cops.


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what you need to know:

  • In Nairobi, 2 thugs neutralised in gun gunfire with city cops

Two armed thugs were fatally wounded Tuesday afternoon, following a fierce shootout between officers based at Njiru in Nairobi and three armed gangsters who were on a robbery mission, Director of Criminal Investigation says.

In a statement, police say the hawk-eyed officers who were on routine patrol along Kangudo road in an unmarked vehicle, had noticed a suspicious motorbike at Shujaa area whose pillion passengers were preying on their next victim.

They immediately intercepted the bike at Kobil gas station and the police asked the thugs to identify themselves.

“Nyinyi ni nani? he asked. But the defiant trio answered with gunfire, provoking a shootout that sent two of them back to their maker instantly.” reported the police.

Sounds of deafening gunfire issued across the plains, as the determined undercover officers reportedly silenced the armed thugs.

“The shootout was followed by the groaning roooom sound of a speeding motorbike flying past the dusty town, as the third suspect shifted gears in quick succession to save himself from the hail of terrifying government ammo.”

With two of the thugs already down and a firearm recovered, the officers called off the chase as a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

Upon closer examination of the firearm serial number KE-AP G0857 loaded with three rounds of 9mm calibre, it was gathered that the ceska pistol had been snatched from a senior officer within Embakasi police station mid last December.

Crime scene detectives later processed the scene and recovered the relevant exhibits, before moving the bodies of the slain duo to City mortuary.