“Gays & lesbians ‘ve ganged up to fight me” – Kenyan Mp crys out.


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“Gays & lesbians ‘ve ganged up to fight me” – Kenyan Mp crys out.
“Gays & lesbians ‘ve ganged up to fight me” – Kenyan Mp crys out.

The Homa Bay township Mp Petter Kaluma has cried saying that lesbians and gays have hinged up against him.

This comes out after he took to his social media to post a picture of a man kissing old woman which the legislator captioned .

“Africans are losing their values to take up the culture of people born with none!
It starts with boys being allowed to wear studs, necklaces, dreadlocks and kissing like they are munching potatoes! Real African men do not kiss or wear dreadlocks. Stop this gay/lesbian nonsense!.

One of his fans reacted, telling him: “You are very wrong. Majority of mau mau woriors were dread locked. All indigenous Turkana women have dreads. Then we have ‘a’ Kaluma wearing imported suits and ties. Who told you suits and ties are African?”

Mp Kaluma: “The Mau Mau didn’t wear dreadlocks out of choice or culture bro. They lived in the forest fighting, no barber. We’re past that chapter. We now have barbers all over. Let’s train our sons to be men, not ladies in braids or dreadlocks.”

Uju Unya accuses the Mp for being a deadbeat dad.:

Unya further told the MP:

“Additionally, Mr. George Peter Kaluma, there are active cases of fraud and assault against you. So, along with being a dirty deadbeat who lets his kids go hungry, you’re also a thief and abuser. Where do you find the time to think so much about men kissing men?”

However, Kaluma accused her, describing her as “Guy/lesbians” who have ganged against him.