“Friends shot dead, at 3:30am morning!!” – how man escaped death


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Man, only identified by his social media name as Fanuel Ochieng has narrated how he escaped death by a whisker.

He says he remembers everything vividly how it it was.

Taking to Twitter to share the site of the street which he captioned: “When I look back at where I came from, It reminds me of my friends who were shot dead in the streets !!!!Yaps, I can still remember the day, the night, Yaps that night after we left gambling at 2:30am..Death was awaiting….25th september 2011at 3:30am in the morning!!! Avery scary night indeed!!! I almost died shivering from the corner that I was hiding from!!!If I never died that night,then I think I have a long life to live!!! May Allah SWT grant them jarnatul firdaus!!!

Gives me Memories when we were playing our cards well at club Florida 2000 currently known as club city platinum during jamsessions and night raves(2009-2012).

The bouncers almost killed me when a pick pocket attempt failed for the first time. Left me with a shaky incisors,and a scratched stomach. They took me to the disciplinary chamber, Left the chambers with zero appetite, aching balls and shaky tooth!!

It reminds me of the days when a female landlord in kawangware threw us out of her rental houses at 11pm, on a windy rainy night,Rent arrears were only 3,500ksh, We had to look for a timber house at that night andshift.We never wanted to physically engage her, because of her age and health status.

It reminds me in 2012 December when I chose to concentrate on Education!!!
It reminds me that God’s grace is sufficient for all!!
God gives, Not man!!!”

source: @its_fanuel.