Estonia sent ‘heavy weapons’, to Ukraine, Over 1% of it GDP.


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what you need to know:

  • Estonia sent ‘heavy weapons’, to Ukraine, Over 1% of it GDP.

The Estonia government has today decided to send Estonia’s biggest aid package of heavy weapons so far to Ukraine, Estonia Prime Minister Kaja Kallas says.

She details that the move takes the total military aid to Ukraine over 1% of the country’s GDP.

The package includes howitzers, grenade launchers and ammunition – what Ukraine has asked us for.

“We all want the war to end but #Russia has sent a clear signal that it wants to continue its war of aggression.” she said in a statement.

Despite losses in manpower and technology, PM Kaja says, Russia has still thousands of tanks, armoured vehicles and artillery in its warehouses ready to dash into war.

“Russia also has huge manpower and will continue to mobilise hundreds of thousands. It has also increased the workload and capacity of its war industry.”

The PM further noted that this is why the whole transatlantic community must do more and give military aid at greater scale and speed to ensure Ukraine’s victory.

“Let’s look into our stockpiles and ensure our industry produces more, faster.”

Russian aggression has a price to all of us – a price we pay in euros but Ukraine pays in human lives; she added

The PM said that price would be much-much higher for the whole world if aggression paid off.

The president of Ukraine Zelensky thanked the PM for the same.

“Deeply grateful to PM @kajakallas for their biggest military defense aid package announced today, including howitzers, grenade launchers & ammunition. 🇪🇪 showed in deed its genuine support for 🇺🇦 in fighting the aggressor. We value it. It is investment into our common victory!” she said.