Emotions high as LGBTQ activist Edwin Chiloba laid to rest in Elgeyo Marakwet


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The late LGBT activist and model Edwin Kiprotich is buried at his parents’ home in the village of Sergoit, North Keiyo, Elgeyo Marakvet.

The deceased model’s body was removed from the mortuary at Moi Training and Reference Hospital around 11 a.m. Tuesday, before the cortege left for his home.

Several people from all walk of life attended the deceased model’s funeral.

Chiloba, a fashion designer and model, was found dead in an abandoned metal box on the side of a road in what turned out to be a crime of passion that swept the country in a matter of days.

An autopsy by government pathologist Johansen Oduor found that the deceased died of luck of oxigen.

After the autopsy of the late Chiloba, Oduor told the media that there were no injuries on the activist’s body.

Further tests are being done to determine if the sedative was administered prior to asphyxiation, but Dr. Oduor said he died from lack of oxygen.

Dr. Oduor said three socks stuffed into Chiloba’s mouth were blocking air, and during the autopsy, they found a pair of jeans covering his mouth and nose.

Government pathologists also dismissed claims that the dead activist’s eyes were gouged out during the gruesome murder.

According to him, the body of the deceased was not dismembered, and the first person who saw him could mistake sunken eyes for blind, rotten eyes.

Meanwhile, the police investigating the case arrested five suspects who were allegedly involvement in the murder.

Five people, including three minors, were taken to a court in Eldoret on Monday, where prosecutors demanded that the suspect be held for another 21 days to pave the way for an investigation.

It is believed that Chiloba was killed in his apartment in Chepkolel, Moiben where here he lived with Jackton Odiambo.

Jackton Odiambo is his boyfriend, and the police are treating him as the prime suspect.

Others arrested included the prime suspect’s cousin, a friend, and a taxi driver who helped police dispose of the fashion designer’s body.