Eldoret: Three women in custody after Boyfriend fails to pay bills.


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Three young girl are in custody after boyfriend reportedly failed to pay for their club bills.

According to a report on a Twitter post, Mercy, Stella and Ruth are in police custody after they consumed alcohol & shisha Totalling ksh. 13,500.

They say a young man by the name Brian told them to order two bottles of Martel whiskey, shisha, 1 litre of water & 3 small bottles of coke as he was on his way coming.

Time passed by and Brian insisted that he was held up in a friend’s party and that he was to come with his friends from the party to Tamasha shortly.

The ladies realized that Brian’s friends might arrive short and come and clear the fine whiskey from them thus chose to clear one bottle first and opened the other one.

When the second bottle was a half way, the waiter came with the bill and the ladies insisted that they’ll order more once their friends arrives and so they should not be forced to clear the bill at that point.

At around 12AM midnight, the ladies tried reaching out to Brian but their calls went unanswered before the phone went off! The ladies mood changed and the waiter noticed early enough, the manager was called and when the ladies were instructed to clear the first bill as they waited for their friends, the ladies had only ksh. 380 which was their fare back home and when they tried requesting for Hustler fund no one among them qualified!

The trio have been detained at Langas police station as they fundraise to clear the bill.