DPO dies after slipping at his office in Lagos.


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DPO dies after slipping at his office in Lagos.

S.P. Mojeed Salami, Police Department Officer (DPO) of the Seme Police Department, Lagos State, died after slipping at his office on Tuesday, January 10.

It is known that the deceased went to the hospital on the same day complaining of a headache.

According to the Daily Trust, sources said DPO returned to the office hours later to return to work, but called nanny a few hours later to complain about not feeling well.

According to the source, “he asked the guardian to call the doping control service. Looks like he wanted to hand it over to the doping control officer. The doping control officer suffocated and fell to the floor. He was taken to Badagri General Hospital where he was confirmed dead.”

“He died on Tuesday,” said Lagos police spokesman Benjamin Hundane. “Everyone was in shock because there were no serious problems with his health.

It was said that he only complained of a slight headache, went to the hospital, then returned to work. “And died.” soon after.