Dead Body reportedly ‘refuse’ to be transported due to unpaid dowry.


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Residents of Kakamega County’s Mumias East Market were shocked after a deceased woman “refused” to go to her inlaws’ funerals due to disagreements over non-payment of a dowry.

The late 19-year-old Mildred Makokha had been taken from from Mary’s morgue, Mumias by the two families.

When Maria’s mother, Abel Katima, got into the hearse and approached the house to hear her family’s warning, she told the driver to shout, but the car suddenly began to rumble and abruptly stopped.

“I ordered the driver to signal when they arrived at the house to let the family know that we were on our way to the burial site, then the car stopped.” she said

Even after the mechanic was called, the engine didn’t start, and it’s only when the village elders came forward that they realize it’s all because of the deceased’s dissatisfaction with the unpaid dowry.The elders then begun to “talk to the dead”, to agree that she will be buried, in a tradition western Kenya.

The body was loaded into a pickup truck and driven home, where a 19-year-old woman, who died from pregnancy complications, was buried.