MP Peter Kaluma has attacked Judges Over CDF ruling.

In a long Twitter post, Kaluma say:

“Were the guys fighting Constituency Development Fund born and bred in Kenya, in the rural villages?
Do they remember there is a time good schools only existed where a President/Minister came from?
Do they know the number of needy orphans solely depending on CDF to get education.

The Constitution splits functions between the national government and the County Governments. The National Government doesn’t need to grant funds to the County Governments in order to perform national government functions at the local level.

Those opposition CDF because they are against their MPs should read the NG-CDF Act 2015. The MP is neither a patron nor an ex officio member of the CDF Committee. The MP is only a member of the Constituency Oversight Committee.

You want to remove MPs from their oversight mandate, please do so but don’t kill CDF absent better alternative to secure equity in education across the country.

The judges who attack CDF shouting separation of powers should know that @parliamentkenya grants @Kenyajudiciary billions to build courts each year despite protests from the Executive that the money should go to the Works Ministry; because the Works Ministry built no Court before.

The NG-CDF design makes the fund most accountable and participatory in its application.
NG-CDF projects are seen all over the country despite the annual allocation being merely 35 billion. Compare the impact of CDF with those of Counties getting over 350 billions yearly!.

Exercising judgement on matters affecting public lives requires insight and understanding, not uncontextualised theories.
Our judges need to read and travel across the country. I wish they knew the number of students currently stranded at home!

source: @gbdkaluma