Avoid DNA home test kits, Will lead to divorce” – Gov’ tells Kenyans, says he’s done research on “Senator Omanga.”


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The former Nairobi County Boss, Hon Mike Mbuvi Sonko has asked Kenyans to avoid DNA home test kits saying it will lead to family break down.

In a statement on his Twitter account on Tuesday 10th 2023 January, Sonko, who seems to be in love with adrenaline racing activities says he has done research on the DNA kits.

“I have done a further research on Senator Omanga’s earlier DNA home test kit post going for 800 bob.” He said.

He added: “First my advice to families avoid going for such tests as they’ll lead to lot of divorce cases na kuvunja so many relationships na maboma.”

He detailed that the home test kits gives 99.99% accurate and if the man had an extramarital affairs he will be exposed and thus couple should avoid it and take care of innocent kids.

“However for information purposes the home test kits zinapeana up to 99.99% accuracy kama mzae alihanywa so wachaneni nahizo story muendele kulea na kusomesha watoto as they’re innocent and a blessing to families.”