A you a Civil Servant (CS)? Here’s Why you need CS ID.


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Dr Ahamed Kalebi, has confessed the importance of having the Civil Servant ID while working in Garissa.

In a Twitter post, the pathologist Consultant and Award winning entrepreneur says years ago he was issued with Civil Servant ID while working in Garissa where it was a dearly regarded valuable security item.

Today, he details, it proved its value yet again when he was advised by National Population Registration NPR to avail it to facilitate normal ‘fast-tracked’ processing of his son’s ID application.

Here is his fully statement:

“When I got posted to Garissa Provincial General Hospital as the North Eastern Provincial Pathologist
in 2005, the Hospital Superintendent promptly instructed that I be issued a Civil Servant ID, which I was told was more valuable than the National ID for identification to the security agents and dealing with government officials in North Eastern region.

Prior to that, despite having worked as a civil servant from 2001 in Coast Province through to my registrar
days at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, I never really had a need for the Civil Servant ID and no one had informed me about it as a requirement.

I however came to appreciate the immense value of the Civil Servant D in the unique geopolitical setting of the Northern Frontier, for whenever I would get to security road blocks and government offices if flash my Civil Servant ID I got treated as royalty or VIP.

Fast-forward to to 2023, today I received a call from National Registration Bureau at the national
population register (NPR) pertaining to my son Hamid’s ID application. I was duly advised to avail my Ministry of Health appointment letter(s) and Civil
Servant ID in order to facilitate processed of my son’s ID application along the normal fast track without
going through the vetting review track at the Department of Immigration Services.
Still recall my colleagues at Garissa PGH who would quip that “better lose your National ID and money but
never lose your Civil Servant ID” underlying the immense value of the civil service tag which has once
again come to the fore in my life.”

If you don’t have a civil servant ID, you now have a reason to apply.