A form 4 student, 22, Kidnap self, make a damn demand from mother.


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The form four student was taken to the Awendo police station by his mother after pleading guilty to stage self kidnapping.

He claimed to have been abducted by a stranger on Friday 5 January and sent several text messages to his mother demanding that she send 20,000 ksh to pay for his school fees.

The boy’s mother reported the boy missing on Friday, January 6, after he did not return home on Thursday, January 5.

She says immediately after Odhiambo said goodnight to her at 9:00 pm and entered his room, he made a sharp gesture, calling for help.

When his mother rushed to his house, all she found was a bloody vest, according to Awendo police chief Matias Pombo.

He came back home on Monday 9th January after his mother failed to send the cash.

He confessed to police that he bought the blood from a local butcher and smeared it on his clothes to make it look like the kidnappers were beating him.

The mother dismissed claims that he had eaten school fees saying the boy had no outstanding balance.

Odhiambo spent 2 nights in the incomplete building and one day at his friends house on 8th Sunday before deciding to go back home.

He claimed that a friend advised him to kidnap self in order to get money from his mother.

In response, the Awendo County Police Commissioner said, “This matter is being investigated and disciplinary action will be taken.”