A 22-year-old man explains how he got 100M views on Tik Tok: “how I built and exited one of the first TikTok media companies.”


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Michael Sikand has explained how he got over 100M views on Tik Tok at age 22.

Taking to his Twitter account @michaelsikand, Michael details that it was April 2020 when bummed COVID sent him home from University of Michigan.

Then a mentor told him “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Like everyone else, he started a podcast his thesis?

He note that business interview podcasts were long and boring.

With fun, energetic 15 min interviews he’d stand out. Added “Our Future” was born.

“Friends called me ‘King of the Cold Email’ I convinced huge execs to talk to me: CEO of DocuSign CFO of Spotify CMO of Chipotle @m_evans (GrubHub) @englishpaulm (KAYAK)
@GuyKawasaki (Apple/Canva) @mbrandolph (Netflix).” He said.

He says he was so damn passionate.He put out 3 episodes a week while a full-time college student. At 150 episodes, he stopped. His audience was tiny and he had 0 revenue.

“But TikTok was blowing up…I started making 30-60s business stories on TikTok.”

Soon he had tens of millions of eyeballs and more reach than mainstream medias.

“TikTok was a game changer. Could I use it to build the next big media company?” He questioned.

He Entered his co-founder @simmy whom he 3says was was just as bullish on short-form.

“Also great at everything I sucked at. Joins me to turn Our Future into a household name. Time to go full Logan Roy.” He said.

They built more channels and struck gold as an early entrant to YT Shorts. Within a short time, they hit 100M monthly views.

“Should we raise money?” He questioned.

Michael says they hit up the industry vets. “We of all people know better than to invest in media” they said.

He called @austin_rief whom he says wanted to buy them, not invest.

“I shot him down. Let me tell you, I was (and prolly still am) one cocky mofo.” He added.

He details that they had a golden goose who was their agency.

He say the First Million hired them to run their TikTok (50M views in year 1). “Consistent MRR and friendships with @thesamparr and @ShaanVP!.”

They keep growing the biz aggressively. Ad deals with Shopify and Warby Parker came through. Simmy lands the deal to managed all of HubSpot’s short-form media.

“I get 30 under 30 and our agency ARR lookin sexy af.” Michael stated.

But this whole time, they were still sneaky linking with MB COO @mattresnick. In hindsight, joining up, he says, was obvious.

He advised that: “You can build a good business with only short-form video. But you can’t build a GREAT one. The main reason is you rely on mysterious algorithms and don’t own the audience. The risks of short-form video are gone now we are integrated with MB.”

At MB, he says he will continue to lead their Future’s content and they are gearing up to launch a podcast.

“Simmy will lead the Our Future agency to help big companies become content powerhouses.” He says.