90% LUOs hangings in Big Hotel/ KCB are conmen: Man narrates how he lost cash.


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A young man, only identified by his social media name as Ochieng (@its_fanuel) has detailed how he lost his cash to LUOs men in suits.

Taking to his Twitter, Ochieng noted that 90% of LUOs with suits hanging around luxurious hotels in the CBD are total conmen.

Here is his full narration:

“90% of This LUOs with suits hanging around luxurious hotels in the CBD are total conmen.


They walk with cheque Books, And expensive executive impact Pens for sighinign those cheques.

They posses already written cheques with large amounts of money written on them.

In 2017, 5th april, Charlie Odongo from Homabay county conned me. I met him around Charlie’scafe yesterday heckling about the return of the Few Luo leaders to ODM party yesterday.

He saw me and felt shame. Anyway I said hi to the son of Karachuonyo, I don’t hold gradges much.

He once Tricked me around around KCB kipande house and disappeared with my little money whichI had just withdrawn from the ATM after I coincidentally met them and had a chat because I knew Charlie odongo!They were two LUO guys, but I knew Charlie Odongo!!

He pulled a written cheque, Showed me just outside kcb kipande house, Asked for some little amount of money from me togive the guy who was following him, Told me to wait for him as he banked the cheque so that he could get some cash to pay me back, The guy who was given the money had my phone number, he was given by Charlie Odongo, He pretended to be gone,he even waved us buy, He then called me witha private number And made sure I was not observing Charlie odongos movement in the bank, The phone call was seized after 3 minutes, I had moved a distance to pick the call because they don’t allow phone calls in the bank,coming back,the son of karachuonyo was nowhere to be seen,they had gone with my little money.

The main role of the other guy was to disrupt my attention.He succeeded.
Luo men at their 50’s and 60’s are conning young hardworking men outside here without mercy!!
Anyway!! Be aware!!!!”