Don’t spend so much time trying to be physically attractive in order to just impress your crush rather than making yourself mentally attractive.

Educate yourself, address your toxic thoughts, deal with your insecurities , learn to be happy on your own.

That’s attractive!.

Normalize saying “No” without needing to over-explain yourself.

If someone is offended by your boundaries, that’s their problem.

The best weight you’ll ever lose is the weight of other people’s opinion of You.

Don’t subscribe to other people’s definition of “fun”.

The fun doesn’t have to mean drinking, partying and socializing.

Fun can be a night in alone, getting lost in a book, a deep conversation, a walk, creating art, playing music, or Do your work.

Fun is yours; You define it!

Before marriage,

Discuss bills, parenting cycles, credit, debt, how to deal with family, what belief will be installed in your children, childhood traumas, sexual expectations, financial expectations, family health history, bucket list, dream home, etc.

Love isn’t enough.

The age of 15-30 is the golden era of your life.

You make friends, lose them too. You make mistakes, correct them too. You fall, you fail, you learn, you realize, you hit reality, you fall in love, and you get hurt too. You lose yourself and eventually become stronger.


Heal yourself before having children so your children don’t have to heal from having you as a parent.