4 city thugs killed, 3 firearms seized in an police encounter.


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what you need to know:

  • 4 city thugs killed, 3 firearms seized in an police encounter.

Police seized three firearms from various incidents in the city after dispersing the bandits who terrorized the towns people, police says.

In the first incident, which took place minutes before 5 a.m., two perpetrators were killed under hail after challenging patrolling detectives to a duel, leading to a deafening firefight that rocked the Kwa Viatu area near Kamukunji.

Two of the group of four who approached the two ordinary people during their morning walk were seen near Kamukunji, where they spotted DCI officers, opened fire and exchange of fire issued.

The two bandits were lucky enough to evade the attack by diving off the Nairobi River and swimming downstream, swallowing heavily polluted water contaminated with people and household waste.

After the incident, a homemade firearm capable of shooting, a bloody knife, a mobile phone and six wallets were seized.

Moments later, on Thika Street in the Kastemill neighborhood, another gunman was caught trying to break into Kastemill with items stolen from Zimmerman before being stopped by a patrol officer.

An armed bandit who refused to surrender was severely wounded and his Beretta pistol, loaded with two 9mm bullets, was confiscated.

A 43-inch flat-screen TV was also found, believed to have been stolen from Zimmerman’s home.

The third impostor, scheduled to meet with the final his maker this morning, was killed in a fierce firefight as police worked together to incapacitate an accomplice who test the resolve of DCI officers after defying an order to surrender.

Armed with Browning pistols loaded with 13 9mm rounds, the pair were no match for the detectives’ ferocious firepower combined with enough government ammunition to injure one man.

Police coats, handcuff keys, four mobile phones, two lock picks and a dagger were seized.

An attempt to catch the fleeing thugs is on high geaes as detectives call for paramedics to look after a young man with a gunshot wound.